Top 5 Rehab Centres in Delhi

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Oct 5, 2023

Delhi, India's capital, is not just a hub for culture and politics but also a centre for world-class medical facilities. Among these, the city boasts some of the best rehab centres. If you're looking for top-notch psychiatric care, here's a list you might find helpful:

1. HOPE CARE India

  • Address: 137, South Extension II, Masjid Moth Village, New Delhi, Delhi 110049

  • Phone: 093111 12377

  • Patients Treated: Over 10,000

  • Experience: 20+ years

  • Website:

  • Consultation Charges: Affordable

  • Success Rate: 90% plus

best psychiatrist in delhi — Dr. Deepak Raheja

HOPE CARE India, led by the renowned Dr. Deepak Raheja, has been a beacon of hope for many. Their holistic treatments and patient-centric approach have garnered them a top spot in Delhi's medical community.

2. Sukoon Recovery Centre

Location: 32 B, DLF Chattarpur Farms, DLF Farms, New Delhi, Delhi
Patients Treated: 5,500+
Experience: 12 years
Website: Sukoon's Website
OPD Pricing: ₹1300 per session
Success Rate: 87%

Nestled in the heart of Delhi, Sukoon Recovery Centre offers a blend of modern facilities and a team of dedicated professionals, ensuring a comprehensive recovery journey for every patient.

3. Safe House Wellness Retreat

Location: I.T. Farm, Dera Mandi, Chhattarpur, Delhi, Delhi
Patients Treated: 5,200+
Experience: 11 years
Website: Safe House's Website
OPD Pricing: ₹1200 per session
Success Rate: 86%

Safe House Wellness Retreat stands out with its serene environment and state-of-the-art treatments. Their commitment to patient care and holistic healing has made them a preferred choice for many.

4. Dr. Rajesh Birman "RAYS Clinic for Addiction Behaviour"

Location: Rays Clinic for Mental Health and Behaviour Disorders 201, Sector 11, PKT 4, Delhi, Delhi
Patients Treated: 4,900+
Experience: 10 years
Website: Rays Clinic's Website
OPD Pricing: ₹1150 per session
Success Rate: 85%

Dr. Rajesh Birman's RAYS Clinic is a cornerstone in Delhi's mental health care. Their innovative treatments and patient-first approach have set them apart in the city's medical landscape.

5. Door Of Hope

Location: 1750 Mother Teresa Drive, Chhatarpur, Delhi, Delhi
Patients Treated: 4,700+
Experience: 9 years
Website: Door of Hope's Website
OPD Pricing: ₹1100 per session
Success Rate: 84%

Door Of Hope, with its dedicated team and state-of-the-art facilities, offers a unique healing experience. Their commitment to excellence and patient care has made them a sought-after name in Delhi.


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