Busting Myths About Laser Hair Removal: Essential Facts

This article debunks several myths about laser hair removal, emphasizing its safety, cost-effectiveness, and versatility across different skin and hair types. Highlighting advanced dermatological services in Gurgaon, it recommends Dr. Neha Sharma of Estique Skin & Hair Clinic for her expertise in laser treatments. The piece clarifies misconceptions about pain, risks, and costs associated with the procedure, aiming to inform potential patients about what to expect from laser hair removal.

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Apr 21, 2024

Busting Myths About Laser Hair Removal: Essential Facts

Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic procedure that uses concentrated light to remove unwanted hair. Despite its popularity, many people need to learn about the process. This article aims to debunk the most common myths about laser hair removal, providing essential facts to help those considering the procedure make informed decisions. It’s particularly relevant for those seeking laser hair removal in Gurgaon, where state-of-the-art dermatological services are widely available.

Myth 1: Laser Hair Removal is Extremely Painful

Fact: While discomfort levels can vary depending on the individual's pain threshold, skin type, and the area being treated, most people experience only mild discomfort. Advances in technology have significantly reduced the pain associated with earlier lasers. Many modern laser systems include cooling mechanisms that help soothe the skin and reduce pain during the procedure.

Myth 2: It Only Works on Certain Hair and Skin Types

Fact: It’s a common belief that laser hair removal only works effectively on people with light skin and dark hair. While it is true that the contrast between skin and hair colour can influence the effectiveness of the treatment—because the laser targets the pigment in the hair—technological advancements have made it possible to treat a wider range of skin and hair types. Specialized lasers, such as Nd: YAG lasers, are designed to safely and effectively remove hair on darker skin tones.

Myth 3: Laser Hair Removal Causes More Hair to Grow

Fact: Some people believe that laser hair removal treatments can stimulate hair growth. However, this is a misconception. The procedure damages the hair follicles to prevent future hair growth. In some cases, if the laser setting is not appropriate or the procedure is not properly performed, it might not effectively damage the hair follicle, which can lead to regrowth, but it won't cause more hair to grow.

Myth 4: Laser Hair Removal is a Guaranteed Permanent Solution

Fact: Laser hair removal typically significantly reduces hair growth, but it is not always permanent. Most patients will experience substantial and prolonged reduction, but hair follicles that were not completely disabled during the initial treatments can repair over time and begin to produce hair again. Therefore, maintenance treatments may be necessary to keep the area hair-free indefinitely.

Myth 5: Laser Treatments Can Cause Skin Cancer

Fact: There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that laser hair removal is linked to an increased risk of skin cancer. The lasers used for hair removal are designed to pass through the skin without being carcinogenic. They target the melanin in the hair follicles and are considered safe by numerous dermatological standards around the world.

Myth 6: Laser Hair Removal is Prohibitively Expensive

Fact: The cost of laser hair removal has decreased as the technology has become more widespread. While it may require multiple sessions, considering the long-term reduction in hair growth, many find it to be cost-effective compared to a lifetime of waxing, shaving, or using depilatory creams. Many clinics also offer payment plans to help manage the cost.

Myth 7: Laser Hair Removal is Quick with Instant Results

Fact: While the duration of each laser session can be short, depending on the size of the area being treated, the process requires several sessions to achieve optimal results. Hair grows in different stages, and the laser can only target hair follicles in the active growth phase. Therefore, multiple sessions spaced several weeks apart are necessary to catch all hair in this phase.

Choosing the Right Dermatologist and Clinic

For those considering laser hair removal in Gurgaon, it’s important to choose a qualified dermatologist with extensive laser treatments experience. The right dermatologist will ensure that the procedure is performed safely and effectively, using the appropriate type of laser for your skin and hair type.


For individuals seeking expert dermatologists in Gurgaon, Dr Neha Sharma, owner of Estique Skin & Hair Clinic, is an excellent choice. Dr. Sharma is highly experienced in dermatological and aesthetic treatments and uses state-of-the-art laser technology to provide safe and effective hair removal treatments tailored to the needs of each patient.

By debunking these myths, potential patients can approach laser hair removal with a clearer understanding and realistic expectations. With advanced dermatological technology and skilled practitioners like Dr Neha Sharma, laser hair removal can be a safe, effective, and worthwhile option for those looking to reduce unwanted hair.


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